We  joined The Cosy Coffee Corner to deliver to people’s doorstep a handful of Brownie love and cocoa happiness. Easy-peasy: order at www.thecosycoffeecorner.com

The Brownie recipe comes from my family’s recipe book, a compilation of the best dishes that have been passing around our tables since my great grandmother. It was created to celebrate my grandmother’s 90 birthday a couple years ago, and it has Brazilian, Danish, French and other fusions, influences and references. It has everything that has inspired my Brazilian family to eat lunch together planning dinner.

Minimal and elegant package.

The Brownie is rich, moist and fudgy. It is totally homemade, has chocolate 70% cacao and walnuts. I don’t use vanilla extract. I prefer the “baunilha do cerrado”, a wild vanilla from the Midwest of Brazil which I have at home, adding an aromatic touch.

Very suitable for #chocoholics #chocolatelovers , I can assure you!

We are not big enough to be able to add a quick link, and we know it’s a pain to have to open your browser and type the web address, BUT would you miss the chance of enjoying this beauty over this weekend?

Easter is coming, and you could also send this Brownie as a sweet gift to someone special 😉

You’ll be supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs without leaving your home!


Handmade by Dani Paiva


3500 grams

Chocolate 70% or higher

Contains dairy, nuts, gluten and eggs

*Dani has a Level 2 Food Safety in Catering certification

What are you waiting for? Order online at www.thecosycoffeecorner.com

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