Are you thirsty for some wine wisdom? Then, well, your Sommelier has great news to share with you. The best intensive wine knowledge sommelier course in the UK is coming to Birmingham and the West Midlands.

In this course you will learn how wine is made and all the flavour profiles.

You will also have the opportunity to get qualified to work in high end hotels, restaurants, and even cruise ships around the world. You will acquire the skills of the Sommelier from wine knowledge food pairings to upselling too!

It is well-know that restauranteurs raise profits by training staff to Sommelier status. Also, figures show that establishments with Sommeliers have larger profit margins over same size establishments.

Become a professional and learn which wines are the best for any occasion

Now, here is another kick for this course . Enjoy wine yourself?

You can take the UK’s only professionally delivered intensive course and learn more about your hobby to enjoy wine on a different level.

And if you work in hospitality, you may also be interested in getting yourself a better job and outstanding career.

Train and qualify before the shortage of Sommeliers becomes a bigger issue. Starts February 2019! Don’t miss out!

How does this feel to you?

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