At the London event I was seeking out the best of the best non-alcoholic alternatives for designated drivers and other interested people. I had my samples of the the classic non-alcoholic gin and tonic and the diverse tea-based Kombucha which were superb, but I knew there had to be more and that is when I stumbled across ginger beer.

Ginger beer seemed to be quite a popular alternative for grown up soft drinks at the London event. In particular, there was a contender from Australia called Bundaberg (the company is from the same town that produces the rum of the same name but isn’t connected).

I must point out that I am not in anyway being promoted to say by Bundaberg which I thought was my favourite, but this ginger beer’s company has such a wide range of offers, and all low sugar and high in flavour that I must claim it as my top choice for a non-alcoholic alternative.

Bundaberg has a very wide range of choices: Ginger, light gentle with a very pleasant tingle rather than a burn; Peach; Pink Grapefruit; Guava; and Blood Orange.

Ginger Beer that is gentle and full of flavour!

They were all full of flavours, but contained none of the sickly aftertaste so often found in soft drinks available to designated drivers. If you happen to see the Lemon-Lime and Bitters please give it a try. I personally enjoy the sharp edgy flavours of the citrus fruits and the tang of the Bitters as the low note of the drink. With a meal it would cut across creamy sauces but also with fried fish.

Their ginger beer itself can be made for stews and even a gentle curry or Thai. It is also low in gasses so no return of gas symptoms either. It needs to be shaken before opening as there is actual ginger residue in there too. Gentle and full of flavour!

So thank you Bundaberg soft drinks for giving me back some hope that designated drivers can go out, have a well crafted drink with their meal, drive everyone home safely…….and then when safely home pour a whiskey in to their ginger flavour, a gin in their lemon-lime, and bitters and a voddy or rum into any of the others.

I’m aware other soft drinks are out there, but I can only tell you what I tasted and what I enjoyed. Did I mention I drove to and from Imbibe? Sláinte. 

The point I’m trying to put forward is if for whatever reason you have to not drink alcohol with your meal, there are now far more superior adult soft drinks available that will look good in the glass and sit well with your meal.

Click here for more information about Bundaberg.

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