Every Sunday me and a couple of friends get together for an early afternoon to late evening hearty meal, a few excellent bottles of wine and loads of chit chat that inevitably turns into much needed therapy. Each week we all take turns to cook and share our love for food. This past Sunday was my turn to cook but I had no idea what to make so asked my friends for their suggestions. One of them asked for a “Lombo à Califórnia”, an old-fashioned Brazilian recipe that combines sweet and savoury flavours. Lombo à Califórnia is basically pork tenderloin marinated and served with peach slices sauce and decorated with preserved cherries, dried prunes, figs and fresh pineapple. It is beautiful and colourful and often served during Brazilian Christmas celebrations. This is a combination of recipes, including one from @tudoreceitas, but without the excess of fruits and preserves.


600g pork loin

3 oranges

1 bunch parsley

1 ½ onion

3 garlic cloves

1 can peach slices in light syrup

1 lime




1 tbsp of butter or olive oil



Blend the oranges, onion, cloves, parsley, salt and pepper into a marinate and add to the pork. Put it in the fridge for at least one hour, although it is best to leave it in there for a whole night. Take the pork out and let it get to room temperature and dry. Reserve the marinate. I recommend using a non-stick deep frying pan. Heat the butter or olive oil (I use half and half) and add the pork to the pan. Let it seal on both sides for a few minutes. Take it out (if you find burned bits in the bottom of the pan, clean it with a paper towel) and put your marinate into the pan. Cook it until it starts to change colour. Bring the pork in and slow cook on a medium heat for about 20-30 minutes. Serve with butter fried plantain, rice and egg farofa.

Peach sauce:

Blend peach slices with a little bit of syrup, lime juice, salt & pepper. Put it in a saucepan & add rum (to taste) & let it simmer for about 20 min