Ladies and Gentlemen, there is a name! We’ve named this series of cocktail making Live on Instagram as Cocktails at Home.

Cocktails at Home is a weekly Live session on Instagram exploring the amazing world of ingredients that you probably have stored in your cupboard and that can be used for beautiful aperitifs.

We’ve recently made this refreshing and aromatic Moscow Mule, probably one of the easiest cocktails to make ever! You can not get it wrong with only 3 ingredients, trust me on that!

There has been different stories about the origins of the Moscow Mule. One of the most common states that the drink was created in the United States with the objective of promoting vodka, ginger beer and copper mugs during the 1940s.

It can’t get easier than that.

There is an excellent feature on Cookie+Kate about the Moscow Mule, which became so popular in the US that it is know as one of the top favourite.

Katy also explains the reason for the classic use of a copper mug to serve the drink. The answer is simple, the cooper mug keeps the drink extra-cold. The writer also recommends specific brands to enhance flavours.

I made this one following Ant The Sommelier advice and using what I had available, in my case, a copper goblet.


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