This Saturday (the 30th of May, Instagram-Live)  we have the pleasure of chatting with Chef Simon Lau Cederholm. Founder of renowned Brazilian restaurant Aquivat! Simon’s restaurant was  awarded three stars from Guia Brazil in 2013 (a Michelin equivalent) and is one of only six Brazilian restaurants to have been awarded that honour in 2013.


Simon Lau arrived in Brazil for the first time in 1986, coming from Caracas, crossing the Amazon and descending BR-101 to Rio, on a six-month trip… by bicycle! Enchanted by Brazilian culture, its traditions, cuisine, and by the exoticism and luscious quality of the local products, he left behind his Nordic motherland of Copenhagen and made Brasilia his home. Simon’s approach to Brazilian gastronomy is unique, celebrating local ingredients while at the same time paying homage to his Russian and Danish origins.


Simon Lau is not only passionate about gastronomy; he is also a passionate and experienced traveler. Every year since he opened the Aquavit he has taken small groups of customers for gastronomic trips including to his homeland, the Nordic countries, Russia, Spain, Japan and Peru. Currently Simon is writing a new book and working towards founding an institute to protect wild cashew fruit. The Brazilian Cerrado deforestation has been 5 times faster than the Amazon for the last 15 years, and the precious wild cashew is under imminent threat.