Sourdough’s tangy unique flavour originates from a team of beneficial bacteria which are commonly referred to as the bread’s starter home.

Believed to have originated in Egypt around 1,500 BC, sourdough is thought to have been accidentally discovered when bread dough was left out in the heat and wild yeasts in the air settled in the mix.

Viewers asked chef Gareth Rhodes’s sourdough recipe. Here  it is! 

Sourdough: fermentation is key for better digestion

Many people believe that as the Egyptians were such avid beer brewers, and bakeries and breweries were often in the same locations, that sourdough was destined to be discovered! The natural fermentation of sourdough makes it far more digestible compared to standard store-bought loaves.

Not only is it incredibly healthy for you, its incredibly tasty too! Last week on Instagram live we talked to Chef Gareth Rhodes about the wonders of sourdough, and graciously he has shared his recipe with us.


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