I’m Nat. I was born in Brazil, but grew up in the UK and New Zealand and these are Parmesan Brigadeiros.

I moved back here (London) in 2014 to train at Leiths School of Food to become a chef. I now work as a cookery at the asian cookery school called School of Wok. My godmother is Brazilian and she teaches me lots of Brazilian dishes and about heritage and culture. I was adopted to English parents so I need to learn.

Brigadeiro truffles by Natalia Middleton.

There are a few flavours there, banana, pistachio, traditional and parmesan. It’s meant to be the colours of the Brazilian flag. They were part of a celebration for Brazilian carnival that we held here in London.

The sweet and salty combo from the Parmesan Brigadeiro is so good! The parmesan melts in whilst hot and then you chill it and form your balls.

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Parmesan Brigadeiro


1 can of condensed milk

2 tablespoons of grated parmesan

1 tablespoon of butter


All in a saucepan. Cook in a medium heat always stirring. Keep stirring until you can turn the saucepan to one side and the mixture is not sticking at the bottom. Leave to cool on a plate in the fridge. Put some oil on your hands and roll small truffle sized balls, coat in coconut, cocoa power or crushed nuts.