Fine Beans and Mango Salad by Simon Lau Cederholm is phenomenal! Simon is a Danish chef based in Brasilia, capital of Brazil.

He is well known for his particular love and respect of Brazilian ingredients and culinary culture. His restaurant Aquavit has been awarded three stars from Guia Brazil 2013 (a Michelin equivalent) and is one of only six Brazilian restaurants to have been awarded that honor in 2013.

Simon’s unique cuisine merges his Russian and Danish roots, while staying true to Brazilian styles. His food is sublime!

This delicate and crisp salad has nostalgic undertones for Cooking New Stories Founder Daniela Paiva, because Simon also happens to be her uncle in law.

This salad is one of his contribution to her grandmother’s recipe book, which all family members contribute towards as a way of celebrating their shared passion for food and family.

Choose carefully your mango. It can not be too ripe or green.

A salad inspired by Brazil’s fruit abundance.

You will need:

Fine Beans

Wild black rice

Vegetable oil

Toasted Almonds

Finely-sliced garlic (we recommend using fresh garlic)

1 Mango

For the dressing: Olive oil Soy sauce Fresh ginger Lime Salt Black Pepper Chili (optional)

The dressing brings an asian touch.


Cook the fine-beans in boiling water or steam until tender.

Try not to over-cook, so that your beans stay nice and crisp.

Once cooked, transfer to a bowl of cold water and let cool.

Once cool, chop your beans into generous portions.

Prepare a small saucepan with vegetable oil and deep fry your black rice. You will want to be quick about this, as the rice will pop like popcorn!

Be careful because the frying process is very quick.

Slice your mango into small pieces, and begin to layer your salad, and then drizzle your dressing on top!


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