Always find a job you love and you’ll never work again. So they say. Well, loving drink and food seems a good start to being a sommelier.

It wasn’t a plan, it really did sort of happen. Without really planning I qualified as an Italian Sommelier. Then you have to work out what to do next. I’ve discovered I seem to have an ability to pass on information. This goes with this and that with that, but also why. Works for me.

I’ve always loved drinking. I’m very good at it too, always have been. However I usually treat it with respect and was bought up to enjoy it not just use it. Wine goes with food and friends and that’s perfect. It is sensible to take time and pick friends carefully and thoughtfully, and so why not with alcohol too?

I want to help people make new friends of wines, and beers and spirits too. I want to help people discover their flavour palates of drink and see how food and wine go together well, rather than just together on the same table.

One of ours on the right: Naked Wines. We cheer to their support for small great producers

The biggest glass should be for the water, that quenches the thirst, wine adds to the flavour. I want to assist people taste new flavours and match them to foods to create fantastic new buccal cavity adventures!

Journeys are to transport as passion is to bedrooms. Wine is to food as friends are to memories.

Join with me and exchange drinking for tasting, and find those wines you enjoy and you’ll never drink again.

Antoin is the Sommelier UK. Check out his page here. He is also our new collaborator.