So it’s an important decision to make. Wine or Beer pairing?

Let’s start with the utterly practical. There are a few concepts to take on board, especially in UK mentality.

Firstly size! Drinking beers from wine glass sized vessels, especially small Paris café glasses, seems an odd idea to most UKers and certainly having a pint of wine would seem quite extreme too.

Second concept to take into consideration is that across a three or four course meal one choice of either wine or beer isn’t going to do.

Each course will have different flavours, textures, temperatures, and components. So which ever you decide to opt for, be organised and know which drink goes with which course.

In the end, you know what? Go with what you feel. The important thing is to cheer and enjoy!

Drink Strength

The other important consideration is drink strength. Alcohol plays a very mean trick on the mouth and tongue. It will switch off taste receptors bit by bit.

If you introduce strong alcoholic drinks at the start of any meal the mouth’s ability to savour the flavours will be impaired, so serve the lightest alcohol by volume first and build up to the heavier abv’s later.

This is just the starting point

Choosing either beers or wines to accompany the meal is the difficult choice, but for a success to be made the host needs to gain this understanding of structure and composition of the food first, and then match the qualities of the wine/beer to match.

Is there a correct answer? Of course, there is! And there are other considerations as well, that I’ll talk about it soon. Stay tuned!

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